Norma’s Restaurant

Norma’s Restaurant (Norman Manley Blvd., Negril) – located within the picturesque Sea Splash Resort, the dishes served here are an eclectic mix of influences (from Jamaican to Chinese). All of the food at Norma’s is cooked with some of the finest ingredients and the freshest of all available produce — taking special care in preparing each and every dish to create the most sumptuous fare. Norma Shirley is often referred to as the “Julia Child of the Caribbean” and has been serving some of the best food in the Caribbean (with accolades from the New York Times, Food and Wine Magazine, The Food Channel and the Discovery Channel to support that claim). Since the opening of Norma’s on the Beach at Sea Splash Resort, critics, locally and internationally, have agreed that the cuisine at Norma’s is to be savored and applauded.