Rick’s Café

Rick’s Café (West End Road, Negril) – this popular hangout spot is not simply a seaside location, but a cliffside one. This area is known as “West End Cliffs”, the café’s highest platform jump is 35 feet and ensures the thrill of a lifetime. This has become a favored hangout for not only regular vacationers, but for Spring Break college kids as well.

Not even previous tropical storms (such as Hurricane Gilbert/1988, and Hurricane Ivan/2004), which destroyed this café, ever prevented it from coming back to life. It’s no surprise that this is a destination unto itself in the Negril area. Needless to say, Rick’s Café has been showered with accolades: from CNN to The Travel Channel, and Caribbean Travel and Life Magazine. See its website to learn more about its colorful history: www.rickscafejamaica.comwell.